The Male Voice Choir

A male voice choir is a choir consisting of men who sing with either a tenor or bass voice, and whose voices are arranged into higher and lower tenors (1st and 2nd tenor), and higher and lower basses (baritone and bass). An arrangement of a piece of music for male voice choir will be written in 4 parts and will require each of the 4 voice ranges singing their own “part”. A person new to choral singing will need to train themselves so that they only sing their own part. This can be difficult at first when a singer can hear other voices around him but a new chorister will learn the skill with practice.

The essence of all choirs is the blending of voices together so that the harmony of the notes provides a richness and depth to the music. It is the quality of the male voices mixing in this way which is so attractive to the audience.

Many people will associate men’s choral singing with Wales, which has a long tradition of choral music which has roots in the chapel, the coalmine and the rugby club but male voice choir singing is also very popular in many European countries ( Germany, for example, which has its own historic ways of singing based on traditional values). The Commonwealth and the United States are home to many male voice choirs.

To enable the Choir to function correctly the four different voices are divided into sections. In our choir we have four “section leaders” who each have a responsibility to ensure that his section operates effectively and that new choristers are given proper support.

Mansfield & District MVC List of Choristers

Section Leaders
1st Tenors: Jonathan Lee
2nd Tenors: Mario Curtis
Baritones: Al Roberts
Bass: Phil Robinson

1st Tenors
Eric Bexon
Timothy Bexon
Anthony Bramley
Daniel Hayes
Howard Lawrence
Jonathon Lee
John Scanlon

2nd Tenors
Ian Bartle
Keith Beastall
Graham Coope
Mario Curtis
Gerald Houldsworth
Geoff Mansfield
Wesley Pierpoint

Terry Ashmore
John Foster
Geoff Hursthouse
Alistair Marr
Al Roberts
Barry Robinson MBE
Ronald Rack
Mick Tunney
Keith Turner
Denys Whelpton
Kevan Jones

Lynden Lowe
Phil Robinson
John Wakeland