Every Tuesday at 7:15pm to start 7:30pm
at St Augustine’s Church, 46 Abbott Road, Mansfield NG19 6DD

We are a group of men who have, through dedication and committed practice, achieved a united harmony. There is a real and valued sense of friendship and fellowship and we hope you can join us on our journey of song and excellence.

Millionaires cannot buy the feeling.

Do you sing? Or do you want to sing?
The choir is always looking for new singers and members. Come along, and have a look and listen and hear the harmonious music we get up to (Or at least strive to). There is no pressure to sing at first though it is good to share in the joy of singing.

In becoming involved remember…

  • You don’t need to be able to read music, although it helps.
  • There is always support from those around you.
  • With effort, learning, discipline and practice we can make the choir the best it can be.
  • If you enjoy singing, regardless of your background and experience, age and ability your contribution will be welcomed.
  • Choir members are always pleased to see new members.

If you are interested in joining or giving singing ago, please call and let us know you are coming.
Eileen Lawrence, Secretary – 01623 455373
Ian Grice MD – 07956 148349

Here are some benefits and guidance – The four “S”s

Self fulfilment

  • Be involved on stage in many and varied performances ranging from national venues to small local venues supporting a local event or concert.
  • Improve your health and well being through controlled breathing which reduces stress.
  • Keep your mind active learning new pieces…and keeping your eye on the conductor.
  • Capture the sound forever when we record our next CD.
  • Be part of a team and develop new friendships as we work for a common purpose; the love of singing to the highest standard possible and sharing it with others.
  • There is nothing like the sound of a male voice choir as many of our audiences will testify!

Support for others

  • Help raise thousands of pounds for charities and other deserving causes.
  • Perpetuate the history of the choir in the Mansfield area – we have been doing this since 1926.


  • Enjoy occasional concert tours to various parts of the UK
  • Become involved in our social activities through the efforts of our Supporters’ Group.

Steps to getting involved – some practical points
In common with most male voice choirs we are organised into four sections; First Tenor, Second Tenor, Baritones and Bass. New members join an induction process which takes them through a supported programme until they are ready for joining us on stage as a full member. This can take time and will vary for each person; there is no rush as we look for confident singers and that only comes with practice.

At your first visit you will be met by our Membership Officer, Chairman and Musical Director. The MD will conduct an initial voice test to place you in a section. This leads to meeting your section leader and the assignment of a “buddy” to help you. You are invited to sit, listen and absorb what happens at practice.

At the second visit you will receive an induction pack and some pieces of music to get you started. You will be asked to concentrate on one piece and learn it fully.

Over the following weeks you will:-

  • Be provided with access to the sound of your part through various websites and / or a CD.
  • Be supported by your buddy and section leader.
  • Continue your practice at home as rehearsals once per week are insufficient to give you confidence and to ensure that you are progressing.
  • Begin paying subscriptions.
  • Be reassessed by the Musical Director.
  • Learn more pieces.
  • Be involved in our social events which include invitations to your family members.
  • Become a full member of the choir signified by your being provided with the choir uniforms (Our famous red jackets and tie and a formal dinner suit).

Members’ attendance is monitored and we expect 75% attendance in order to give you the best chance of attaining the required concert standard. We would also ask you to keep you section leader informed if you are unable to attend.

Our Supporters’ Group organise a number of fund-raising events throughout the year and you are naturally included in all events.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I can’t sing – will I be able to do it?
  2. The ability to read music is not essential although a number of our choristers do and they help those who are unfamiliar with the format and script. You will sit next to an experienced singer, as well as having, your buddy, section leader, music score, CD and various websites to refer to. There is no rush, we would rather have quality than quantity on the stage and your progress is constantly supported. The real answer is “You don’t know until you try”.
  3. What is it like at rehearsals?
  4. In a word, “enjoyable.” We concentrate, work hard and give it our best effort but this is balanced with time for chatting, announcements and the inevitable banter and good humour you always get when we get together. We value our camaraderie and this is evident at our rehearsals.
  5. How much of your time will the choir take up?
  6. We have a Summer and Christmas break and barring these periods rehearsals are every Tuesday for 2 hours. If our music staff feel that we need it, e.g. before a major concert, we will hold a Saturday morning practice; this would be around 15 times per year. Usually choristers practice at home to perfect their performance. At concerts we do not sing with music copies so everyone needs to thoroughly know their part. Effort equals reward and when we finish a concert you get a feeling of achievement. These concerts number about 12 to 15 per year and are usually on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday afternoon or evening.

Concerts are usually in The Mansfield area but there are occasions when we travel as a visiting choir other locations. Recent examples have been a choir tour of Wales, The Royal Albert Hall, MEN Arena in Manchester, Bury St Edmunds, Derby and various Nottingham venues.

  1. How much will it cost me?
  2. Choristers pay a weekly subscription of £3. This covers the cost of room hire, music purchases, uniform subsidies and other costs. Our Treasurer keeps a keen eye on expenditure. There is a uniform bond, which is returnable within a two-year period if you decide the choir is not for you. When concerts are in the Mansfield area then choristers will travel using their own transport and obviously there is the opportunity to car share. Concerts further afield usually involve a coach and the choir meets the costs of this. Overnight visits, weekends or weeks away are supported may be to some degree by the choir (from funds raised by the Supporters’ Group) but usually costs are met by the chorister.
  3. Will I like it and be able to fit in?

Most do. We are a friendly bunch, supportive of new members and we all know each other’s families to a greater or lesser extent. Of course this is a two way thing and your being positively involved makes it easy. Be assured though, regardless of your background, experience or age you will be warmly welcomed and helped to settle in. The choir members come from all walks of life, some working, some retired, but all coming together to create something that they love and which our audiences will enjoy. You are valued as a new member because you help us perpetuate the continuance of the choir. We have nearly 90 years’ experience of doing this so we know it works!

Still not convinced… Need a few more reasons to join?

  • Take part in something with real community spirit which helps raise thousands of pounds for deserving causes.
  • Live longer — singing is healthy, it improves your breathing, reduces stress and frees your mind from the worries of the day.
  • Go on stage at local, national and international venues – feel part of a real team doing good things for everyone.
  • Enjoy making your contribution to the great sound of a Male Voice Choir knowing that, as a team, we sound much better ‘amateur individuals.’
  • Be associated with the history of the town, help add to that legacy.
  • Enjoy the friendship and fellowship of men with a common interest and purpose.
  • The organisation is well run, democratically through a hard-working, keen and dedicated Management Committee – there is open access and communication with each member.
  • It is family oriented as our ladies support group travel with us wherever we go.


”Come on! Give it a try!”
Tuesday at 7.15pm at St Augustine’s Church, 46 Abbott Road, Mansfield NG19 6DD