Words and Music – R.I.P. Alan Pitfield

Our fellow chorister Alan Pitfield sang in our 2nd tenor section for 16 years from 2003.
A quiet, unassuming chap who had a wealth of music talent having been a member of dance bands and collected a wide range of musical instruments. Born in London, in the late 1960’s Alan and his wife Sheila moved to Mansfield to further his career in journalism with the Mansfield CHAD (Chronicle Advertiser). He eventually became a freelance journalist, but his passion was always music and performance.
His fine voice and sense of occasion added showmanship and character to our performances and he was always ready with kind words and impeccable manners. We were honoured to sing at today’s send off for him and in the words of the Phillip Dackcombe, celebrant and another former member of our second tenor section, we had an extra special service today for an extra special gentleman. A ‘Words Man’ from his time as a writer and journalist and a ‘Music Man’ from his time as a musician, drummer and singer/chorister. The Mansfield and District Male Voice Choir were a part of his life and extended family for many years.
A wonderful tribute from the choir, thank you Ian Grice, Margaret Ball and the gentleman who were able to attend.
The gathering at the Little John pub in Ravenshead was dignified and welcoming and our thanks go to Shiela and their daughter Sarah for making the occasion so welcoming and such a fitting tribute to Alan. Rest in Peace.

2 thoughts on “Words and Music – R.I.P. Alan Pitfield

  1. Geoff Hursthouse Reply

    Pleased to perform and be part of the tribute to Alan. Lovely man and lovely memories.

  2. John Wakeland Reply

    Our condolences go out to Sheila and family for their loss. Alan was a kind hearted man and a pleasure to have known him.

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