80th Anniversary Celebration Dinner

Over 100 choristers, family members and guests attended the Hostess Restaurant in Mansfield Woodhouse to enjoy a fantastic evening of entertainment to celebrate our 80th anniversary. The troupe of actors portraying the central characters from the hit 80s TV series Allo Allo were simply brilliant. We were all laughing and cheering at their slapstick antics and the comedy dinner arrangement worked so well. Our hosts provided a lovely meal, efficiently served and timed to fit with the unfolding story presented by hilarious actors.

During the evening the actor playing Rene the owner of the “umble café” explained that a German sausage was being used to conceal a bomb and that a second sausage was used to conceal the “Picture of the Fallen Madonna with the big boobies” by Van Clump.

Photographed here are Al and Roisin (pronounced Sheen for short) which was corrupted to Jean by Rene. Here is Jean looking after one of the sausages.- Hilarious!

One of our guests, Kelly Grey, had a photograph taken with the actors.

Geoff Hurtshouse, choir Chairman, spoke of the 80-year history of the choir and wished us all well in continuing the legacy followed by Ian Grice who led the choir to perform three songs, “Neapolitan Trilogy, “ Let it be me” and “African Prayer”.

These events bring the choir together so well. Our choir family keeps its strength through performing and the fellowship that these family events provide. It was a great “newt” for all concerned.

10 thoughts on “80th Anniversary Celebration Dinner

  1. Lynden Reply

    Great entertainment, good food and really good company, thanks for organising Geoff M, great night all round .

  2. Barry Robinson Reply

    Fantastic evening,great entertainment, great food all with great company and a speech from the Chairmen.

    Nice to see old friends.

    Rounding the evening off with 3 songs sung by our choir.

  3. Steve Reply

    We thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to more events in the future. Now looking towards the 80th Anniversay Concert at Southwell Minster in October.

  4. Eileen Reply

    We all enjoyed the evening very much
    The arrangements worked really well so thank you Geoff!

  5. Geoff Hursthouse Reply

    Great night was had by my friends and family. I’ve got an order for six tickets for the October concert in Southwell confirmed with more to follow.

  6. Ian Grice Reply

    Another great celebration night of our super choir family .80 years ,Wow .Many more to come I am sure ,make sure you are part of it .Sing on Mansfield.x

  7. MMVC Post authorReply

    Brilliant night and loved the Allo Allo act. Well done all and what a great idea for the celebration.
    Martyn Hopkinson

  8. Phil Millns Reply

    Fabulous and very entertaining evening. Rene and the cast were very funny especially with all the ad libbing. The meal was lovely and the serving staff really pleasant . All in all a cracking evening .

  9. Kelly Grey Reply

    We thoroughly enjoyed the night, especially the great food! Seriously, who knew vegetable soup could be that good? We need the recipe! Now, we’re eagerly looking forward to more events in the future. Next stop: the 80th Anniversary Concert at Southwell Minster in October!

  10. Adele Reply

    Thank you Geoff M for organising a great night.

    I haven’t laughed so much in ages, the Allo Allo actors team were very good and so many special music memories made.🎼🎵🎶 😘

    Thank you for letting me be part of the choir family. See you all again soon.

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