It is always a pleasure to welcome new members into our choir. This photograph shows Justin and Mick who have recently had their debut within two choirs.

Justin Agah-Gilbert (left in the photograph) has joined our Bass section and has very quickly integrated into the life and work of the choir. Along with Sally and the boys (Lucas and Nathaniel) they just love being involved not only for the pleasure Justin derives form membership but also form the social and “family feeling” we try to encourage and which is clearly appreciated. Justin has a fine Bass voice, a winning smile and his work and learning rate has been wonderful to see and hear – such enthusiasm. He made his debut at our concert with the Mastersingers at St. John’s church, Mansfield on 9th September 2023. Welcome!

Mick Tunney has been a member of the Mansfield and District Male Voice Choir since 2009 in our Baritone section. Through his friendship with Geoff Hursthouse, Chairman, Mick has joined the “Our Dementia Choir” fronted by the Nottingham based actor, Vicky McClure. Danielle Smith is the assistant musical director of the choir and the daughter of Geoff and Lucy – there is the connection. Mick made his debut with the choir on 5th September 2023 at the National Television Awards staged in the London O2 Arena.
Mick is happy to mention that he has only the very early signs of dementia and thought it would be a great idea to go along. As a keen and valued member of our Baritone section he will no doubt be encouraging Justin in his membership.

3 thoughts on “Debutantes

  1. John Wakeland Reply

    Welcome Justin, you’re already a valued member of the choir and a much needed extra bass voice.
    And well done Mick in your new venture with the dementia choir, I’m sure it will take you to new experiences.

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