New Chairman

We are pleased to announce that John Wakeland is our new Chairman.

John introduces himself by explaining a little bit about himself and his background:

“I am a sixty-seven-year-old retired self-employed joiner/builder. I was introduced to the choir by my friend some ten year ago having never thought about singing as a hobby. I really don’t know why I thought it such a good idea but was always moved by the power of song albeit within the pop scene. I don’t read music and cannot play an instrument, but I knew I could hold a note, so I was interested enough to give it a try.”

The venues you sing at are varied and take you to places you wouldn’t ordinarily go”

“As a hobby its relatively affordable but hugely rewarding. The sounds created by the choir entertain the audiences of which you become a part and share their praise. The venues you sing at are varied and take you to places you wouldn’t ordinarily go. You also meet choristers from all walks of life and make bonds with like- minded people.”

“I really enjoy the choir and all its aspects, from the friends I’ve met to the venues it takes me, but most of all for the pleasure of singing. If you’ve never sung before in public then you won’t fully understand the last statement, but I can assure you when the applause starts then you will understand.”

John is already making a difference in our choir and we wish him all the best for a successful and fruitful period in office.

4 thoughts on “New Chairman

  1. Dave Gee Reply

    Looking forward to what should be an enjoyable time under Johns chairmanship.
    Having joined the choir at roughly the same time as John, I totally endorse the comments he makes on being part of the choir and the pleasure you get after the work you put in comes to fruition at concerts and other events. The audiences comments and applause make you feel ten feet tall ( which from a guy who’s five n a bit foot tall is an added bonus).
    Long live Mansfield & District MVC.

  2. Geoff Mansfield Reply

    Our best wishes and support are with you
    Your exacting standards and attention to detail promises much for our great choir over the next three years. Exciting times ahead will arise from your leadership.
    Can’t wait!

  3. Lynden Lowe Reply

    John you have taken to this like a duck to water, there is nothing like a pressed volunteer. The choir knows it is in a safe pair of hands, well done.

  4. Chris Hill Reply

    Dear John,
    Congratulations on your new appointment,
    I am crrently back at home having just finished my degree at Oxford,
    Please feel free to contact me if you have ever have need of a flautist or guest flautist at MMVC events.
    I am more than happy to help raise funds for local causes ,
    Maragaret and I are well practiced at repertoire that we can play together
    Best Wishes

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