2018 Review of the Year

2018 will be remembered for a long hot summer, a year when Brexit seemed to get just a little bit nasty and when Mansfield & District Male Voice Choir had another very busy year.

There were many highlights for the Choir; the big concert at the Royal Albert Hall, being asked to sing at Vernon Morgan’s 97th birthday party and being part of a fund raising concert which generated getting on for three thousand pounds for a local church. St John’s is desperately in need of finance in order to repair a cherished local architectural feature and we wish them all the best as they “Aspire” to achieve their goal of raising three hundred thousand pounds.

Many will have their own particular memories from these concerts and from the other concerts this last year.

The Choir seems to have developed somewhat of a reputation in terms being able to be sing in Welsh and this will be a theme which will be taken up again in 2019. Welsh choral singing has always been very much a part of the Male Voice Choir repertoire but we are now perhaps the only choir in the East Midlands which carries on the tradition.

2018 was Ian’s first year as MD. He has gone about the job in his own way bringing his passion and dedication to the role which has been much appreciated by choristers. Margaret has been a rock of consistency and reliability. The Choir is fortunate to have these talents to guide us.

Straight after the holiday we will be learning some new songs in different styles. We will be offering our audience something new again in 2019

The loss of Tony Bramley was felt by us all as a family. Tony’s love of singing and his lovely cheerful manner will be fondly remembered. Andy Rowland decided to leave the choir having re-located outside of the District. On the credit side of the ledger we are very pleased to have on-board Barry Robinson MBE as a new baritone. We have appreciated Barry’s enthusiasm and eagerness to learn; an example to many I think.

Tom Dillion clocked up 40 year’s service with the Choir. Tom is a true legend and   and inspiration to many.

We are very pleased to have choristers of all ages ( our youngest is 18) and we’re hoping that 2019 will bring some new singers to our number – like many choirs we are little bit short of basses and top tenors.


We have very much enjoyed seeing Mayor Kate Allsop at a number of our Events. Kate is a great supporter of the Choir and really enjoys our singing. We are also very much looking forward to seeing Kate and her colleagues at various Events in 2019.

At the end of the year we should offer a word of appreciation and gratitude to Chairman Gordon Blanc and all the committee members who shoulder the responsibility for running the choir and making things happen. As Gordon has said many times before – “no committee, no choir.” Special thanks, which are not out of place, go to Geoff and Marilyn Mansfield who do so much work behind the scenes.

Looking back on 2018 and looking forward to 2019 MD Ian Grice shares some thoughts.

“I have been very pleased with the willingness if the guys to improve their singing. Guys are listening and accepting the changes that will improve the song. I have been so pleased also that we have not had less than 39 choristers on a Tuesday night for practice.”

We have not had less than 39 choristers on a Tuesday night for practice

“2019 will be a busy year. We have our big concert at Southwell Minster with our comrades from Bury St Edmunds and Bestwood [ Male Voices At The Minster]. Then in September we have another big Concert at the Albert Hall, Nottingham which will be a celebratory concert for Eastwood Collieries MVC 100th anniversary. Not to mention all the other activities in our centenary year.”

“Straight after the holiday we will be learning some new songs in different styles. We will be offering our audience something new again in 2019”

The coming year will indeed be action packed and we wish a Happy & Peaceful New Year to all our colleagues and supporters.



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