A Spirea tall structure that tapers upwards to a point esp. one on a tower or roof

Aspiredesire or hope to do or be something

The Spire forming an integral part of the building of St John’s Church, Mansfield is in critical need of urgent restoration and the costs involved in carrying out the work is approximately £300,000. If the works is not done, the Spire will eventually topple and a famous and cherished part of the local townscape will be lost forever.

From sponsored runs to craft fairs and a whole variety of events which communities organise when they come together with a common cause, fund raising has been carried out by church members in efforts to raise this huge total.

The sobering fact is that it will cost the same money to demolish the Spire as it will to restore it

St John’s Church has recently suffered a setback towards the goal in achieving its target after the disappointing news that an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund has not been successful. Though the project was considered worthy of support, it was rejected due to insufficient funds in the HLF in a highly competitive round.

The sobering fact is that it will cost the same amount of money to demolish the Spire as it will to restore it. Doing nothing is not an option given the perilous state of the structure.

We ( and that means all of us who care) will do what we can.  The Concert which we have called “Aspire” on the 10th of November is an opportunity for everyone to make a contribution by buying a ticket and being part of it. All proceeds from the concert will go into the Spire Appeal fund.

Mansfield & District Mae Voice Choir, The Singers and the Boots Orchestra will join forces to create a rich and varied programme with something for everyone.

Full details of what will be a wonderful evening can be found here

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