Choral excellence or social club?

mmvc-qea-6th-june-2015Is this a dichotomy? Is it an issue? Are these positions mutually exclusive? Do we care?

For those of us who aspire to excellence in most things in life, belonging to a choir can be both a delight and a frustration. In any group, team or organisation of like minded members there will always be differing levels of ability, commitment and passion. There is no doubt that all of our choir members love what we do and it is clear that to continue to improve not only means turning up for rehearsal each week but also requires us to put in extra effort at home. Whilst practice makes perfect, practice in networking and contributing to the well being of your mates is also important.

By definition a choir is a group of singers; an organised group of people who sing together. The key for me is in the blending of voices and spirit. An excellent chorister strives to not only be personally proficient but looks to help those who sometimes struggle including those who belong for the camaraderie and the social interaction.

We are blessed by having some fantastic singers who naturally read and interpret the music scripts; guided, encouraged and berated by a very capable musical team; directed by a cohesive management committee and enriched socially by our active Supporters’ Group (congratulations to the group for raising over £10,000 in this last 4 years which helps us meet our choir ambitions). The shy, retiring, not so musical members value their membership as much, if not more, than the more socially adept and overt.

You may conclude that we do care, that choral excellence and social involvement are not mutually exclusive but essential, fundamental to the success and continuance of our choir. Put the work in, help your colleagues, be honest, challenging but caring in pointing out improvements and the resultant synergy will leave you uplifted, motivated and coming back for more.

No one is bigger than the choir and as members we serve each other, our audiences and families. We are the current custodians of the membership of Mansfield and District Male Voice Choir and guess what, we must be doing something right,  our membership is growing as are the number and prestige of our future bookings. Well done lads and ladies; this is what we do it for; each other! What dichotomy?

Geoff Mansfield, Concert and Events Manager





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