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Community Fun Day/Rotary Club Lunch – Mansfield Civic Centre – Sunday 10 June 2018.

We have always considered ourselves to be very much a part of our community, providing, as we do, a very warm welcome to new singers to the Choir from diverse backgrounds and regardless of ability. We are also very active in sharing our music in our own town and surrounding areas by performing locally on a regular basis  ensuring that ticket prices are affordable to all and performing at many charity events.

Baritone Keith Turner and Rotarian Karen Hewkin link arms

As we look forward to our anniversary year in 2019, the Choir are also working hard to re-establish traditional links with our local Council and business leaders and re-enforcing our connection to all sections of our community. We were also very pleased to hear from our local MP Ben  Bradley who has written to the Choir congratulating us in representing Mansfield at the Royal Albert Hall. We appreciate the recognition.


We are very proud of the Choir and are looking forward to the celebratory evening in March 2019 – Mayor Kate Allsop


At the invitation of the Rotary Club of Mansfield the Choir performed a total of 9 songs at the Lunch organised by the Club. In attendance was Mayor Kate Allsop, who is a big supporter of the Choir. The programme included Stout-Hearted Men, Shenandoah, Comrades In Arms, Alexander’s Ragtime Band and Cwm Rhonda  from the Albert Hall repertoire. The Lunch itself was part of the Mayor’s Parade which unfortunately was cancelled to everyone’s disappointment. The Community Fun Day did take place however and was a great success, many local folk enjoying their day in such beautiful sunshine.

Watch this space for more details of the celebrations planned for 2019…


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