Every Man Was Singing

Readers of the blog will be interested in reading an exchange of emails which took place recently following the recent joint concert at the Albert Hall, Nottingham. The correspondents were the Secretaries of Mansfield & District MVC and Eastwood Collieries MVC and highlight the genuine friendship between the two choirs

Dear Ian

The Mansfield choir was really pleased to be asked to join you for your celebration concert and those who were there, including myself, had a wonderful evening. The men really enjoyed the camaraderie among the three choirs both at the practices and the concert and taking part in such a well organised and uplifting event. We would therefore like to extend a huge thank you to everyone and a particular thank you from all of us to your MD, Liz Moulder. I know that Ian Grice, our MD, and the men really enjoyed working with her.John Wakeland, our chairman, and the committee asked me to extend our sincere thanks for your kind invitation to be with you for this very special occasion and for the friendly efficient way in which the whole event was organised.
I, personally, loved the mining connection in the concert having grown up within range of the siren at New Hucknall Colliery in Huthwaite and many of the choir also have links to the mining industry.
It is good to see all of the local choirs supporting so many charities but prostrate cancer is one which is close to the hearts of many men in the choirs and the community generally. Your fundraising achievement that evening was outstanding.
Our best wishes to everyone at Eastwood Collieries Male Voice Choir from all of us at Mansfield and District MVC.

Kind regards

Eileen Lawrence
Mansfield & DMVC


Dear Eileen

Thank you for the email and the lovely thoughts. We really enjoyed the evening – once we realised that we were getting a good audience!
We thought long and hard about which choirs to invite to be with us. The mining connection was one of the criteria but, most importantly, our belief that relationships between the choirs that are so necessary for a good outcome already existed between us. It was a joy to work with you and I sincerely hope that we can do this again.

Our event at Chatsworth has added a further £700+ to the Prostate Cancer UK pot, so we have got our centenary campaign off to a flying start.
Thank you again for the lovely message. I’ll be sure to pass it onto our folk at our next practice session.

Kind Regards

Ian Webster
Eastwood Collieries’ Male Voice Choir

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