Hull UK City of Culture 2017

Mansfield and District Male Voice Choir will undertake an East Yorkshire “mini tour” later this year and sing with two different choirs; Beverley Male Voice Choir and Hull Male Voice Choir. Our music team, choristers and supporters are looking forward to this event with great anticipation and details, of course, are on the Events page.

The city of Hull is the UK City of Culture 2017 and, by all accounts, the party is well underway. In early January of this year Hull was 12th in the list of top 15 destinations according to recommendations ( Montreal was 13th).

One quote perhaps summarises how the city is responding; “I’ve lived here for 50 years and this is the best thing that’s happened to the city in my lifetime”.

The quality and diversity of events, music, exhibitions, film and theatre judging from the official website is mouth-watering!

Our joint event with Hull Male Voice Choir will be held in the grand and beautiful surroundings of The Guildhall, Alfred Gelder Street, Hull and is billed as a “Joint Gala Concert with Mansfield and District Male Voice Choir in celebration of Kingston upon Hull’s recognition as the 2017 City of Culture”. One of the great things about being in a choir is that you get to meet some great people and visit some great places.

This wonderful  building suffered significant bomb damage during the Second World War, some of which, evidently, is still visible today.

We don’t mention the war very often on this blog, (in accordance with, what we call, “the Basil Fawlty Principle”) but  it is an interesting fact that Hull was second only to London as Britain’s most bombed city during the Blitz.

Something else we don’t often mention but while we’re on the subject of high culture let’s perhaps note that  the strongest connection between Hull and Mansfield, that I’m aware of anyway,  is to do with football and, in particular, with the immortal Ken Wagstaff.

“Waggy”, the boy from Langwith, has been recognized by supporters of Hull City and Mansfield Town as their greatest player of all time. What an amazing achievement! If you’re reading this, Waggy, and you want to see Hull and Mansfield united as one ( and to hear some great singing of course) we’d love to see you on the night!

Wishing all best wishes to the city of Hull and to the Hull MVC  in 2017 and beyond. Looking forward to seeing you all (City and Choir) in June!

Nick Shelley





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