I Love to Sing…..Dan Hayes/Jonno Lee

We are justly proud in having some young guys in the Choir who love to sing. Dan Hayes and Jonno Lee are two of these and they share their thoughts with us today about being a part.

Dan Hayes (left) and Jonno Lee



Dan Hayes

“I have been an avid singer since I was in primary school and that what lead me to joining my local church choir. During that time I had heard of MMVC in passing like, it was only during the December of 2014 that I attended a Christmas concert at St Philips. What I witnessed that night blew me away and afterwards was approached by one the members who told me to give it a go. The choir was friendly and welcomed newer members with open arms ready to lend advice.”

“In my almost three years membership I found a group who shared my passion for singing and gave me a love for choral music. They have given me friendship, a professional pride and a love of learning new music especially the Welsh”

Jonno Lee was asked some specific questions,

How did you get informed about the choir?

“I was introduced to the choir by Dan. He did a presentation at college talking about the choir, the different roles of peoples, and how they all pull together for concerts. and relax with social outings around the year. That and I had also heard the choir before at Christmas concerts.”

Why did you go? 

“Initially I went along to see what it’s like. I think what more deeply motivated me to come was the feature to improve my singing, but mainly the sense of being part of my local community, without the restrictions a church may have.”

How did you settle in? 

“I say the first tenors group really helped me settle in. I’d say one of the harder things is getting up to speed with the music learning the word though with practice you eventually get the words, especially hearing people belt it out behind you helps. I’d say what really helped was people around me being really encouraging, and that you are under no pressure in getting to know songs.”

Why do you keep going?

I keep going because I have come to know the people, and like singing, the community spirit, and the cake! It is really a good bunch people who are quite supportive and understanding.

What do you think would get young people to come to the choir? 

Being 21 years old a ‘young adult’ helps bring down the average age of the choir. I would suggest reaching out to local churches, and asking young people you know, would you be interesting in coming along to a practice session or two, no commitment. I’d also suggest at live performances, not being afraid to talk to your audience and explain your looking for younger men in whatever capacity.”


Thanks Dan and Jonno for sharing your thoughts


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