It’s Christmas Jim – just as we know it!

Jim Davies, Musical Director of Newstead Brass and his wonderful band, at only five days’ notice, kindly stepped in to support our annual concert and Forest Town Arena following the unfortunate news that our long-standing colleagues for this concert, Shirebrook Welfare Band were unable to join us. Sometimes, these things happen, and we are grateful to our concert secretary Lynden Lowe for managing the seamless transfer over to Newstead Brass Band.

We sang with energy and commitment under the inspired and sensitive leadership our MD Ian Grice, marvellously supported, as ever, by our wonderful accompanist Margaret Ball. The songs performed were a pleasing mix which fully represented our Christmas wishes. We also paid homage to lost loved ones in our choir family by singing “A Guardian Angel”, the English version of “Anfonaf Angel”.

The band produced an exciting performance including a perennial favourite the “Schnee Waltz” which brought light and fun to everyone in the room. Some choristers were to be seen dancing in the wings to the jazz classic Sing Sing Sing as we waited to come on in the second half.

The audience participated with gusto in the community carols bringing the true spirit of Christmas to the fore. It just shows that the power of music and sense of community cannot be weakened by the Covid enforced interval of nearly two years since our last public performance.

We are grateful to all those involved in arranging, preparing, performing and attending the concert for making it such a celebration of Christmas which shall remain with us for a long time.

As the title says – It’s Christmas Jim, just as we know it – a great night.


1 thought on “It’s Christmas Jim – just as we know it!

  1. John Wakeland Reply

    A thoroughly enjoyable evening for everyone. A well written piece Geoff as usual. Well done.

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