New Recruits

In any Choir it is important to bring in some new voices from time to time especially when choristers inevitably retire or leave for whatever reason.

The induction process involves a simple voice test after a confidence building period

Since May five new singers have joined us, John Foster (baritone), Phillip Wright ( 2nd tenor), Paul Sheward and the two latest recruits Kevan Jones (2nd tenor) and Chris Kelsall.

Al Roberts with Chris Kelsall

Kev and Chris are pictured at choir practice last Tuesday, 25 June receiving choir ties from their respective section leaders, Mario Curtis and Al Roberts having successfully completing the induction process.

Kevan Jones with Mario Curis

The Mansfield & District MVC induction involves a simple voice test (after attending a number of choir practices and building confidence) and makes sure that new recruits are fitting well into the team.

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