No Nightmares for NiteMayor

Forest Town Arena, Mansfield – Saturday 7 March 2020

What a great evening! The Mansfield and District Male Voice Choir Supporters’ Group arranged another fantastic sell out event for the 120 strong attendees to enjoy.

The recent wet weather and cold seemed a distant memory as the live band NiteMayor (Tony Egginton who famously served 13 years as the Independent Mayor of Mansfield is their drummer) delighted us with some fantastic 60s dance music which had folks up and dancing by the second song.

In my experience it can take the shy folks a few more to get the party moving, but no, the chaps as well as the ladies were right into it straight away. This is testament to the band’s ability to ignite a room and Forest Town Arena was pulsating as the band played on.


Interrupted by a fabulous pie and pea supper (cakes as well of course), plenty to drink and the legendary camaraderie that is part of the way we do things in our choir made for a night to remember. We celebrated the 86th birthday of Keith Beastall, one of our second tenors, and his delight at his cake and presentation is plain for all to see. A second birthday for a young chap called Paulo (guest of Geoff Hursthouse in our Baritone section) raised whoops of support from the room. What great advertisement for the age diversity our organisation attracts?

These events absolutely fulfill the objective of our Supporters’ Group which is to extend the sense of belonging to the families of choir members and this is now reaching members of a wider group who actively support the choir.


We are indebted to our ladies, led by Marilyn, not only for their work, care and dedication but also their unstinting efforts is raising funds for the choir. This time the funds raised exceeded any other event at £800, which is marvellous.

Once again we are indebted to our ladies!

John Wakeland, our choir Chairman, said as much in his heartfelt thanks which closed off another success. Watch out for the next events staged by not the choir and our Supporters’ Group. You won’t find better in Mansfield.
No nightmares here!

Geoff Mansfield

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