Serenading Summer

A lovely summer evening heralded a concert in Rainworth with The swing band from two local schools: Joseph Whitaker and the Redhill Academy under the direction of Carolyn Beedle. The choir and band gave their best and the audience were entertained by the variety and skill of both choristers and talented young musicians. The church was full and we all were hosted by the church officials who welcomed everyone to their place of worship.

It was impossible to avoid foot tapping and involvement in the set by the band especially the well-known Yakety Sax and Sing Sing Sing.
The choir, as part of this evening’s performance included two Welsh songs Ar Hyd Y Nos and Deus Salutis. These two traditional Welsh songs bring out the dynamics and skills of the choir and are always enjoyed, albeit requiring high levels of concentration.

Former Mansfield and District male Voice choir Musical Director Meryl Chambers came along and was welcomed heartily by choir member. We were also pleased to see members of colleague make voice choirs in the area all of whom came to join us in the finale item, the male voice choir standard “Morte Criste”.

Thanks again go to Ian Grice and Margaret Ball for their impeccable skills in directing and accompanying the choir to such heights of performance. Enjoyment for all!

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