Sing, Fight, Cry, Pray and Wonder

The National Association of Choirs ( East Midlands) Concert –  Saturday 20 May 2017 – United Reformed Church, Sutton-in-Ashfield

I borrowed the title for this blog post from the title of a song performed by Amerfoort Mannenkoor at QEA on Friday Zing,vecht, huil, bid en bewonder. Now that’s a song that gets under your skin a bit and the title seemed appropriate on this occasion. At the NAC Concert we had plenty  of singing and  fighting ( in a good way of course!), some crying and praying ( to a degree) and certainly  no small amount of wonder!

The Concert was,  to borrow some footballer’s hyperbole a fantastic, one million percent success and a very memorable evening held in such  a wonderful venue, the United Reformed Church, Sutton-in-Ashfield.

The late, great Frank Zappa once famously remarked that “writing about music was a bit like tap dancing about architecture”. We all know what he meant and I’ve certainly  given up trying to describe these events  in a way that can possibly describe the experience, either from a performers or audience point of view.

But we do  appreciate some feedback from those who were involved ( which includes everyone who was there). Some have shared their views here.

Liz Moulder is Musical Director of Sonara Singers and Chair of the NAC (Midlands East Region),

“Can I thank you all for a superb concert last night. It went so well due to the warm welcome, smooth  organisation both on the night but also in preparation and of course the quality of singing from yourselves and The Gentlemen! A definite night to remember.

“My thanks also to Meryl and her accompanist, Margaret Ball for their professionalism and musicality.”

Geoff Mansfield is Events Manager of Mansfield & District Male Voice Choir,

“What a wonderful evening we had! The concert was well attended, professionally run and ran very smoothly.”

“The organisation and planning paid off and I am grateful to Colin, Bill, Liz and their helpers and also the Mansfield &DMVC  Supporters’ Group for making it happen.”

“The planning and organisation provides the stable framework for the wonderful singing, accompanying and directing skills we experienced.”

“The evident effort and sheer quality of the singing we were all treated to yesterday evening, delighted our audience and provided for a very cohesive and entertaining evening.”

“I thank you most sincerely for your well- honed practice and your fabulous delivery yesterday evening. It just shows what we in the East Midlands can do doesn’t it?”

Ian Grice is Deputy musical Director at Mansfield,

“I thought the whole event was a perfect evening’s entertainment , so many different ways of singing and styles . Brilliant!”

Reverend Colin Bones is the Minister of the United Reformed Church, Sutton in Ashfield,

“This is what our church was designed for! Teamwork, singing and praise”

All of the singing, fighting, crying, praying and wondering was all wrapped up by singers and audience alike in that wonderful performance of I’m Goin’ Up A Yonder ,which was the finale of the evening. Indescribable!

Thank you to all who made it possible and especially to the members and supporters of Pye Hill & District MVC, Erewash Phoenix Choir, Sonara Singers, The Gentlemen and Mansfield & District MVC.

Also a special mention to the members of the URC, Sutton-in-Ashfield for their hospitality and to Eric Curtis, concert compere. Eric was also compere at the event on the previous evening at QEA.

Images from the Event can be viewed on the Gallery section of the website





2 thoughts on “Sing, Fight, Cry, Pray and Wonder

  1. Mandy Reply

    Very well written blogs – I like the quotes and food for thought that you open with, it’s nice to have a chance to think deeper and be enlightened!

  2. Gordon Blanc, Chairman M&DMVC Reply

    A real treat, a night to remember. What a wealth of vocal talent. Well done everybody

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