Sister Cities Concert – QEA ,Mansfield – 15 October 2016

Our guest blogger is Stewart Rickersey, Chairman of the Mansfield Sister Cities Association.


Wow- what a great concert! It seems to me that each one gets better and better and this time not one choir, not two choirs( as we have come to expect) but  THREE including The GentleMen. A trio of delights; I think I have read that somewhere before?

The choral choices were fabulous from all three groups. The quality of the harmonies were exceptional and the soloists outstanding. I found many pieces quite emotional in their delivery. It was great to see the two young ladies who conducted pieces and the increasing number of young men joining the choir.

This is a concert that our small band of followers really enjoy. The Sister Cities Association team is a committed group who maintain their enthusiasm for developing contacts with other Mansfields around the world with almost monthly meetings simply discussing forthcoming events, updating our unique website and enjoying contacts with the friends we have made across the world; all bound by the simple fact that we live in a place called “Mansfield”. Of course we even have contacts with the surname Mansfield, Geoff here in our Mansfield and Larry in Mansfield PA who organised the recent worldwide gathering last month.

The support of the Mansfield &District Male Voice Choir since 2000 and subsequently The Singers more recently has been fundamental to our being able to support one young person going to Mansfield Ohio each year. Now we have The GentleMen to thank also for adding to our enjoyment and ability to do so.

Several members of the choir thanked us (Sister Cities Association) for having you come to the Concert. This is the wrong way round. IT’S US THAT THANK YOU for being so generous with your time and, vitally the massive input you have in selling tickets. We are such a small group that 50/60/70 tickets is our upper limit whenever we try and stage an event. To have you put on the concert and sell the vast majority of the tickets is awesome.

Once again our sincere thanks for an outstanding concert and your continuing support of our objectives. Please pass on our gratitude to each choir member.

Our Mansfield is blessed with such an abundance of choral talent. Interestingly OH & PA also have great choral participation. I have shared with their Choral Director the CDs that Geoff gave me prior to our departure. I have no doubt that Dr. Peggy Dettwiler will share them with her students. More at this link –




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