The Chairmen!

After serving for four eventful years as choir Chairman, John Wakeland (Bass) recently passed over the honour to Geoff Hursthouse (Baritone) at the choirs 2023 Annual General Meeting.

John has successfully led us through a restructuring of the choir membership, the introduction of a fantastic software based singing training system and of course the Covid pandemic.
Due to Covid, in common with many choirs, our membership has reduced over the last four years but we are steadily attracting new members who are ably assimilated into the choir aided by the software but more essentially finding camaraderie, fun, support and the pleasure of adding to a high quality of singing and performance, which underlines the culture of our choir.
His reach has been long and every aspect of the choir’s activity has been influenced and improved due to his dedicated and unrelenting work and attention to detail.
You leave a happy choir John and we are grateful for your continued support as our new Treasurer. Many thanks for your leadership, enthusiasm and involvement.

Geoff has been with the choir since 2005, initially singing as a 1st Tenor and then continuing as a Baritone. Whilst Geoff has yet to serve on our committee he has a wealth of experience both in singing and of leading teams gained from his professional career. Geoff inherits a great team, fully committed to the choir and an exciting future programme of events not least of which is the choirs 4th appearance with the Welsh Association of Male Choirs at The Royal Albert Hall in April 2024. Welcome Geoff and good luck in taking up your new office and responsibilities.

2 thoughts on “The Chairmen!

  1. John Wakeland Reply

    Well done Geoff for stepping up to the plate, I found the position very rewarding and enjoyed every minute. Good luck for the future and enjoy.

  2. Philip Robinson Reply

    Thanks, John, you have stuck to your guns and significantly improved the choir. I welcome Geoff to the role of chairman knowing that he will also serve us well. Thank you both.

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