The Next Generation

There are 2 million of us in the UK who take part in choral singing on a regular basis. Most of us as adults will have had some exposure to singing in choirs as children and are grateful for that introduction to music at an early age and to singing together with others. It’s something that we cherish as a life-long blessing.

To support the next generation of singers is no more that we can do, as an established local choir, to encourage young people within our community along the same journey.

St Peter’s C of E Primary School Choir were a very important part of our recent “Thank You For The Music 3 concert” at the Palace Theatre. These children are not just the future generation but very much the present generation in terms of their wonderful contribution to that concert. I’m sure that all who were there so much enjoyed, and were charmed by,  their lovely singing.

 We were delighted, then, to present a cheque for £100 and some copies of the concert poster at a recent school assembly. The posters will be framed and displayed, with pride I’m sure, in the school.

“The children were very excited at taking part and were so well behaved at the session this morning” said Geoff Mansfield representing the Choir

“Apparently the children will remember the event longer than they might their arithmetic” smiled Geoff

Kim Denman and Rebecca Sharples are the teaching staff at the school responsible for the school choir. The ladies have expressed how grateful they are to Mansfield & District MVC for giving the children the opportunity to sing with us. By the same token we applaud Kim and Rebecca on the wonderful work which they are doing in encouraging the next generation, just embarking on the wonderful adventure of choral singing.

We applaud also the talent and enthusiasm of the children.  It was a joy to sing with them!


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