Tom Dillon – 100th Birthday

Mr. Thomas Dillon has reached his 100th birthday and members of the choir visited the house of his daughter Maureen and her husband John, to pay tribute to the most gentle, unassuming, friendly and humble “father of the choir”.

Stout Hearted Men was one of the first songs he learned and he delighted in joining in with the singing and especially enjoyed the festive “Deck the Hall”.
Tommy was a second tenor in our choir from 1978 to 2019; 42 active years and he served as Assistant Librarian for 1982 and 1983 then as Librarian between 1984 and 2002. A family man with strong Christian beliefs, Tom was always ready to contribute the choir’s organisation and social activities. He was a central feature of a film we made in 2014 in which he expressed his joy and pleasure in belonging to our choir family.

Maureen was surprised at the large number of members that turned out to sing for Tom, some of whom didn’t know him as they are recent new recruits; such is the respect in which he is held.
The tea, coffee and birthday cake kindly offered by Maureen and John were met with enthusiasm as was the good wishes for Tom with a promise to return next year.

Congratulations Tom and well done! A true legend.

The photograph is Tom, aged 93, singing at the Albert Hall Nottingham in 2016.

10 thoughts on “Tom Dillon – 100th Birthday

  1. John Wakeland Reply

    It was a pleasure singing for Tom’s 100 birthday, made very welcome by his daughter and son-in-law, and we all wish him the very best in 2024


    Happy 100th Tom. It’s been a great pleasure and privilege singing with you over many years in the second tenors.

  3. Howard Lawrence Reply

    It was a great pleasure to sing with Tom.
    Soon after I joined the choir in 1997 Tom came up to me and welcomed me. He then said” Will you look after me at playtime? I’m only little and I don’t want these big lads to bully me!” This was typical Tom in my early days with the choir. He had a lovely sense of humour! His reference to ‘the big lads’ came from the fact that, in his working days, he had been a Catholic school caretaker and now ‘the big lads’ were the other choir members!

  4. Geoff Hursthouse Reply

    Congratulations Tom on your 100th birthday.
    A privilege singing with you.

  5. Gordon Blanc Reply

    I have always thoght it a priviledge to know you and to enjoy your friendship, congratulations on your wonderful 100 years
    Gordon Blanc

  6. Howard Lawrence Reply

    It was a pleasure to sing with Tom from 1997 until he retired from the choir just a few years ago. He always had a witty comment!
    Howard Lawrence

  7. Ian G Reply

    Tom thank you for your endless longing to sing with us.It has always been special to see your smiling face and this was just the same yesterday for your 100th birthday on our visit to you at Maureen and John’s.Thanks to them for making us welcome ,thanks to the guys from the choir and to Margaret for accompanying us ,a very special day in our choir history.Cheers Tom ,what a legend to look up to .

  8. Harold Huxtable Reply

    Tom, you are what has made Mansfield MVC the happy, successful choir it is today!
    Congratulations on your milestone birthday, we hope to see you in 2024.
    Harold and Margaret Huxtable

  9. Mario Reply

    Travelling down to Wales on a singing tour I sat next to Tom on the coach. We talked on many things and I realised by the halfway stop there was no need for a crossword, reading book or mobile phone pastimes I had packed. What an unassuming, caring and faithful friend. Happy Birthday Tom.

  10. Maureen hutchby Reply

    It has been wonderful to hear such loving comments made by some of the choir members.
    Dad, Tom had no idea that this birthday visit by his choir was going to take place on the special occasion of his 100th birthday. It was such an amazing time for him. Dad was absolutely thrilled with his surprise and wishes to express his heartfelt thanks.
    Also, thank you for making this happen, Ian.

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